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Football Unitesí resources & information work has underpinned the projectís educational work since 1997, when our resource library was first opened. 

The work of the centre includes a library, learning resource centre, enquiry service, exhibitions and a website.  We aim to tackle racism and other forms of discrimination by increasing the availability of relevant and user-friendly anti-racist and pro-equality resources coupled with ideas about how they can be used.

Our collection of around 1000 resources includes everything from biographies of successful black sports stars, to research into the absence of Asian professional footballers in the UK, to guidance for workers with asylum seekers and refugees.  We also have childrenís fiction and non-fiction, and feature films and documentaries with an anti-racist theme on video and DVD. The library aims to support all the other strands of FURD's work, so includes resources for youth workers and community workers, a section on women's football, some information about homophobia and sport, and about sport in different parts of the world.

Most of our resources can be borrowed in return for a £2 deposit on each item, which is returned when the resource is returned.

Our librarian can answer specific enquiries sent by letter, phone or email, and can send out tailored information packs.  Our website also features a number of resources available for direct download in our online resources section. 

As part of 'Football for Equality', an EC-funded programme, we have developed an 'online toolkit', containing free, quality educational resources that are available online and that use football to challenge racism and homophobia. The database is searchable, includes material in several European languages and can be accessed at

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Search the index to our unique resources & information library.  We also have many resources available for direct download in our online resources section.

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Are you researching racism in football?  Why not share your findings or ask other users of this website for help in our academic discussion

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Pioneering black footballers

Read about Arthur Wharton, the world's first black professional footballer, along with other pioneers

Pioneering black footballers
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